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Wikinews +‎ -ie (diminutive suffix)


Wikinewsie (plural Wikinewsies)

  1. (Wiktionary and WMF jargon) A reporter or user at Wikinews.
    • 2006, Janet Kolodzy, Convergence journalism: writing and reporting across the news media, page 238:
      However, many Wikinews stories rely on traditional news organizations' reports as source material, although the site is designed to point out original reporting by Wikinewsies
    • 2006, Stuart Allan, Online news: journalism and the Internet, page 136:
      The wiki ethic at the heart of Wikinews invites a particular type of relationship with its volunteer journalists, or 'wikinewsies' as they are sometimes called, that revolves around their continued good will []
    • 2008, Michele Weldon, Everyman news: the changing American front page, page 70:
      Wikinews—part of Wikipedia, the largest community public encyclopedia of information—promises to deliver “the free news source you can write” and enlists an army of Wikinewsies who contribute thousands of news reports.