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  1. plural of wordnet
    • 1998, Wim Peters et al., "Cross-linguistic Alignment of Wordnets with an Inter-Lingual Index", in Piek Vossen, ed. Eurowordnet: A Multilingual Database With Lexical Semantic Networks, page 221
      EuroWordNet is an EC-funded project […] that aims to build a multi-lingual database consisting of wordnets in several European languages.
    • 1999, Leo Hadacz, "Semantic Inference in the Human-Machine Communication", in Václav Matoušek, ed., Text, Speech and Dialogue: Second International Workshop, TSD'99, Plzen, page 354
      Wordnets include words of the natural language, collocations and various relations between them.
    • 2003, Dimitris Avramidis et al., "Approaching Wordnets through a Structural Point of View", in Peter J. Nürnberg, ed., Metainformatics: International Symposium, MIS 2002, Esbjerg, Denmark, page 49
      It is obvious that hypertext and wordnets share many common points regarding their fundamental principles and the objectives toward which they both aim.

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